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SharePoint Platform Extensions by Espora.

SharePoint Platform Extensions are several projects that extends SharePoint. The main focus is to be easy to install and easy to configure. While filling the gap of real world scenarios that arise in Educational Collaborative Enviornments.


  • About the project
  • Feature tour and screenshots
  • Get the source and contribute
  • Supporting the project


How do I make a donation?
Follow making a donation. You can help us by donating for the project via PayPal.

How do I get the code?
Download it from the "Source Code" tab.

What if I only want the binaries?
Download them from the "Releases" tab.

Can I use this code in my own projects?
Yes, SharePoint Platform Extensions are shared source. Make sure to read the license to understand the exact conditions.

Which features will be available?
Check the detail of the current and coming features.
Vote for work items/bugs to help prioritize

How do I contribute?
Join the project!

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